What would you do
if the people around you
refused to let you fail?

Let's find out...

Surrounding yourself with the right people can be intimidating,
but there’s also no bigger predictor of success.

We’ve created a risk-free interactive course & community to walk you through the step-by-step process for making the genuine connections you need to naturally and honestly build a world-class network of passionate peers, partners, mentors and supporters necessary to build your ideal business or career.

We even hand-place you into your own Accountability & Mastermind Groups with other like-minded members near your hometown - so you're making genuine connections (and friendships) from Day One!

We Have Created

Course & Community
With You In Mind.

How to Connect With Anyone is designed to:

1. Connect you with the people you've always wanted to meet,

and more importantly,

2. Build a world-class network of passionate peers, partners, mentors, influencers and supporters necessary to build your ideal business or career.

How to Connect With Anyone is much more than just an online course. It’s a tight-knit and supportive community (many of our members call it a family!) of nearly 1,000 members from over 30 countries. Everyone is placed into custom accountability/mastermind teams and the course contains a comprehensive set of step-by-step tools, scripts and videos, with live webinars and continuous private community interaction.

The course is designed to teach you a proven framework for getting the attention of industry leaders and befriending them, as well as forming a tight and trusted community of inspiring peers and mentors that make all the difference in business and in life.

Environment is everything, and it’s 100% in our control. So we’ve put together a detailed action plan to change your surroundings in a matter of weeks and get you connecting faster to the people who will become your future friends, supporters, partners and mentors.

Let's Do This!

The 7 Roadblocks Killing Your Ability to Connect & How We Can Help

In the past few years we’ve interviewed, surveyed and interacted with over 10,800 people in creating this course, and here are the biggest challenges our community – you – have encountered. Does this sound familiar?

  • #1: I have always been an introvert who is too shy to reach out and connect. It’s scary!
  • #2: I don’t even know who I should surround myself with, let alone where to find them.
  • #3: I live in a small rural town, and I struggle to connect with people living their lives outside of the traditional mold. I can’t find my community.
  • #4: How can I get noticed and stand out in today's world of a million emails, tweets and friend requests, especially when trying to contact the rock stars?
  • #5: I don’t know what to say to people or how to approach them. I never know the right questions to ask.
  • #6: The people around me don’t support my ideas. In fact, they tell me I’m crazy to think differently, so I want an accountability group who I can go through this process with.
  • #7: I have nothing to offer the successful people, so why would they want to talk to me? I’m afraid I’ll just come off as needy and annoying.

These are real problems.

But they’re also a lot simpler to solve than most think. And thanks to your feedback, we’ve built this course to address every one of them—and plenty more.

But don't take our word for it.

Watch some of our member success stories to see what it's all about…

“I went from starting my company to meeting developers and submitting a 500k Euro proposal! This isn't just an online course, it's a community that encourages you and supports you to see change and take real steps each week.

The class is the greatest investment I've made. It pays for itself every day in the way it changes habits and opens up doors years down the road.”

– Andrew K., Beirut, Lebanon

“Since your How to Connect With Anyone workshop, I have connected with the founder and CEO of a multi-billion dollar furniture conglomerate and also the innovation director for Adidas. We continue to stay in touch about continued advice and potential collaborations.

Your lessons are inspiring and highly actionable and have taught me that I, too, can connect with anyone.”

– George M., Portland

“I've gotten several job offers, even though I'm not even looking for a job.

Since taking your course, I now have a whole new approach for how I meet, connect, and maintain relationships. Because NO ONE does this in medicine it has put me way ahead of the pack and I’m already getting a ton of referrals for my psychiatry private practice, even though it doesn’t open for another year! I also recently co-authored an article on the American Psychiatric Association's blog through a connection that I followed up with after a conference.”

– Elana M., Los Angeles, zenpsychiatry.com

Let's Do This!

The Connect With Anyone Experience
Is Intimate by Design

That's why there are only 250 total spots available. Each comes with lifetime access to the community, course and tools, and once CWA closes at midnight PST on September 11th, it won't be offered again for another 3-6 months. Grab your spot and get instant access near the bottom of this page.

Here is what the full How to Connect With Anyone Experience includes:

Connect With Anyone is an 8-week interactive online course and community, where we all start on the same day (Monday, September 26) and will work through a series of 8 modules, exercises and activities (plus some advanced material) with the end goal of creating your community of supporters and connecting with the influencers you’ve always wanted to meet – all within a couple of months.

If September doesn’t work for you, don’t worry – the course is still self-paced and can work with any schedule (About half our members have day jobs to juggle, although some seem to be quitting and pursuing more exciting things lately - I wonder why??). But the fact that we’ll be going through all the activities and modules together each week makes the material much more effective, and getting to interact and share our experiences helps ensure real results.

Here’s a feel for what we’ll cover…

Priority #1: We'll Place You in a Custom Mastermind & Accountability Team

Our members consistently rank this as the single most valuable part of the whole CWA Experience.

At the very start of the course, you’ll be placed in your own Mastermind Team of 3-6 CWA members based on common goals, interests, industry and geographic location.

No matter what, you will have a new team of passionate supporters from day one, so you never have to tackle the course or connection actions alone.

We have a feeling you are going to love this!

Then, as a team, we dig deep into the course content, with a new module revealed each week…

Creating Your Mindset, Firing Toxic Friends &Making First Contact

Module 1: Cultivating the right mindset, building the habits, character and values of the world’s best connectors and making first contact

Module 2: Preparing Yourself - Firing toxic friends and discovering the world-changers you already know

Finding Your Story, Developing Your Roadmap & Overcoming Approach Anxiety

Module 3: Creating your Relationship Roadmap, setting up the online tools to make it possible and integrating connection as part of everyday life

Module 4: Converting approach anxiety into excitement, creating instant physical rapport and turning enemies into friends

Becoming Instantly Memorable & How to Uniquely Help Absolutely Anyone

Module 5: Becoming instantly memorable, heartfelt follow-up, making peoples’ days and never forgetting another name

Module 6: Discovering your "superstar" talents, creating unique value & how to help anyone (even the uber-successful)

Creating Referrals, Becoming the Connector & Befriending Industry Leaders

Module 7: Creating referrals, the importance of the people you’re not paying attention to, enlisting the help of others & becoming the person everyone wants to meet

Module 8: Contacting, befriending & connecting with mentors, influencers, industry leaders, celebrities and any other impossible-to-reach person

Bonus Module: Introverts 101 & How Shy People Can Talk to Anyone (and have fun doing it!)

You'll learn:

  • How to leverage the introvert's most powerful connection trait, getting comfortable making contact and how shy people can talk to anyone
  • The 17 easy ways to comfortably and naturally interact with people you’ve never met
  • The extrovert’s guide to interacting with the world (without people wondering if you’re crazy)
  • How to understand each other and create genuine connection between introverts and extroverts

Advanced Connection Modules: Building Your In-Person Community, Connecting Authentically Online & Creating Lifelong Relationships

Advanced Module 1: Creating genuine online connections, the right way to use social media, finding the people who matter and the simple web tools no one’s using

Advanced Module 2: Building your local in-person community, guaranteeing a meeting response and creating the ideal mastermind group

Advanced Module 3: Long-term success – Turning acquaintances into true friends, maintaining relationships, modeling the impossible and creating your personal board of directors

Let's Do This!

We’ll put a pure focus on in-person real-life application and contact

This, along with the online community, is where the CWA Experience really shines. You don't meet people by learning theory. The action happens by getting out there. We are purely focused on making contact.

This is where the real connections happen.

Here’s the amazing part … I am a very nervous introvert, but after finishing Scott’s workshop, I went on to meet roughly 70 people in one afternoon and 115 in one weekend!

Scott’s How to Connect With Anyone Workshop truly changed my life. I fought my fear and won. And I continue implementing the three-second rule with wonderful success. He made me believe for once in a very long time I could do anything.

– Erica B., Georgia

  • Full “How to Connect With Anyone” Membership Site: course with 2 pre-modules, 8 regular modules, 3 advanced modules, and a ton of bonus contentFull “How to Connect With Anyone” Membership Site: course with 2 pre-modules, 8 regular modules, 3 advanced modules, and a ton of bonus content
  • Comprehensive interactive accountability worksheets, tools, and check-insComprehensive interactive accountability worksheets, tools, and check-ins
  • Personally curated accountability and mastermind groupsPersonally curated accountability and mastermind groups
  • Members-only forum for CWA fellow students and alumni
  • Free Updates for LifeFree Updates for Life
  • Risk-free “Make World-Changing Connections” GuaranteeRisk-free “Make World-Changing Connections” Guarantee
  • How to Connect With Anyone
    8-Week Guided Connection Experience

  • Full “How to Connect With Anyone” Membership Site: course with 2 pre-modules, 8 regular modules, 3 advanced modules, and a ton of bonus contentyes
  • Comprehensive interactive accountability worksheets, tools, and check-insyes
  • Personally curated accountability and mastermind groupsyes
  • Members-only forum for CWA fellow students and alumniyes
  • Free Updates for Lifeyes
  • Risk-free “Make World-Changing Connections” Guaranteeyes

Trying to figure out if
CWA is your thing?

How to Connect With Anyone is for you if you…

  • Know how important your environment and relationships are, but aren’t sure how to build the ones you need
  • Are a shy introvert who is terrified to approach new people, or are one of those excited extroverts who wants to deepen your connection with all the people you're constantly meeting. We have lots of introverts and extroverts in the course. That's what makes it so fun!
  • Feel geographically isolated (yes, you can build genuine in-person relationships with passionate people even if you don't live in Portland, San Francisco or New York)
  • Truly want to build real relationships and friendships with inspiring people in your hometown and online
  • Are not sure how to stand out, get the attention and earn the respect of the influencers in your industry
  • Are willing to follow a proven process for connection that makes this stuff actually fun
  • Want to party with an existing global community of nearly 1,000 supporters and friends who encourage your ideas, prove what's possible and see the world the way you do!

And as with everything at Live Your Legend, we fully stand behind and guarantee what we've built…

An Unbeatable Guarantee:
Try the Connect with Anyone Experience for 60 Days,
100% Risk-Free

It's simple. Join us and try out the full CWA Experience. If you don't love it, we'll refund every penny.

The How to Connect With Anyone Experience is about results, and we fully stand behind that.

We deeply believe in what we've created and have seen what nearly 1,000 members have done with it and the results it has created for so many of them (Don't take our word for it - their stories are spread all over this page).

We're here to help you advance your career, build your business, make changes to your life - and surround yourself with the people who make it possible. If we don't deliver on that, you should not have to pay. That's how we've always done things at Live Your Legend and that's what has allowed us to build a loyal community of over 250,000 readers from all over the world.

If you commit to going through and completing all the course material and exercises, and within 60 days you have not made at least one new connection with someone you’ve always wanted to meet AND you do not have at least the start of a new tight and trusted group of peers and supporters in your corner, we will refund your full purchase price. We seriously want this to work for you. All we ask is that you show us you’ve done the coursework and exercises.

We call it the “Make World-Changing Connections Guarantee”

We want you to do the exercises because we believe they'll get results, but bottom line is that if you're not satisfied, you don't pay. You do your part and we promise to do ours.

I used one of the most basic principles from the course and was offered a $3,600 coaching education for free in exchange for some work I could do to add value to the coaching business. Before CWA I wasn't brave enough to take action and reach out to people that seemed so busy and important. The course helped me identify what value I had to offer to different kinds of people, and showed me how that could help me connect with the people I want to have in my corner.

– Iris B., Germany

Let's Do This!

Common Questions About Connect With Anyone:

How much time will it take each week? Can I complete it while I hold down a 9-5 job? (Click to show) +

The course will require a few hours of your time each week, to go through the lessons and complete each week’s Connection Actions, and to meet with your mastermind group. Since the average person spends about 4 hours watching TV each day, most of us should be able to find the time to do the work on this course.

And yes, you very much can do the course while holding down your 9–5; many, many of our CWA alumni did that very thing.

Who is Connect With Anyone NOT for? (Click to show) +

Connect With Anyone is not for you if you expect amazing results without hard work. The course is a commitment, and you will get out of it what you put into it.

It’s also not for you if you’re looking for a smarmy “networking” type course, that emphasizes superficial interactions and a lack of care for other human beings. CWA is a course for making meaningful, lasting connections with real people in the real world.

I’m in between careers, don't know what to do next and am not sure what I’m passionate about. Can it still help me? (Click to show) +

While CWA can provide some assistance with finding these answers for yourself, it’s not a course specifically designed to do that. Our 21 Days to Discover Your Passion course, however, may be just the ticket! It’s a self-paced, 21-day guided discovery course meant to take you through the first stage of the Passionate Work Framework: Become a Self-Expert.

I’m currently taking your Live Off Your Passion course. Does it still make sense for me to join Connect With Anyone? Which course should I take first? (Click to show) +

Live Off Your Passion is primarily focused on the second phase of the Passionate Work Framework: Do the Impossible; where CWA is primarily focused on the third phase: Surround Yourself with Passionate People. And a lot of the self-discovery work you do during LOYP (and 21 Days before it) is a great foundation for the connecting work you’ll do in CWA. (One example: if you haven’t zeroed in on a passion yet, you might not have a clear “dream connection” in mind when you start CWA.) So most often, we recommend that someone finish LOYP first, and then take CWA.

However, these two phases have a lot of overlap: for example, sometimes it takes having those passionate people already in your corner to really attempt (and succeed at) your impossible.

So, that said, you can take CWA while taking LOYP, provided you have the time each week to commit to both courses and do the work.

How do I convince my husband or wife to let me invest in the course? (Click to show) +

We certainly don’t want to get you in trouble with your spouse, or have you spend dollars you aren’t equipped to spend right now! But we believe that the principles taught in CWA can help not only cultivate new relationships with amazing people (“friends you haven’t met yet”), but it can also help improve and deepen relationships with the current amazing people in your life, including your spouse.

If you or your spouse are nervous about making this kind of financial (and time) commitment, we completely understand. We want it to be right for you. Also consider our “Make World-Changing Connections Guarantee”—if you do the work and it doesn’t work for you, we’ll refund your money. We want you to be happy with your purchase, and achieve fantastic results from the course. That’s why we do it!

Let's Do This!