How to Connect with Anyone

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Introducing...A Natural & Proven Framework For Surrounding Yourself with the World-Changing People Necessary to Build Your Ideal Career

Surrounding yourself with the right people can be intimidating, but there’s also no bigger predictor of success.

We’ve created a risk-free interactive course to walk you through the step-by-step process for making the genuine connections you need to naturally and honestly build a world-class network of passionate peers, partners, mentors and supporters necessary to build your ideal business or career.

  • Even if you’re an introvert…
  • Even if you don’t know what to say…
  • Even if you live in an isolated environment…
  • Even if you feel like you have nothing to offer…

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  • Expert Video: The #1 Factor in Connecting with Anyone

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Erica B.

Here’s the amazing part… I am a very nervous introvert but after finishing Scott’s workshop, I went on to meet roughly 70 people in one afternoon and 115 in one weekend!

Scott’s How to Connect with Anyone Workshop truly changed my life. I fought my fear and won. And I continue implementing the three-second rule with wonderful success. He made me believe for once in a very long time I could do anything.”

Erica B., Georgia


Since your How to Connect with Anyone workshop, I have connected with the Founder and CEO of a multi-billion dollar furniture conglomerate and also the Innovation Director for Adidas. We continue to stay in touch about continued advice and potential collaborations.

Your lessons are inspiring and highly actionable, and have taught me that I, too, can connect with anyone.

- George M., Portland

Note from the Founder:

Scott Dinsmore

This is NOT a course on "networking". This is not a guide on how to work a room and collect business cards. Screw that. Most of the action happens in the real world, making genuine and lifelong connections and friendships, not in some stuffy conference room. This course is here to help you make real connections with the people who will enrich your life, business and personal (and likely both at the same time). If that's your thing then I hope you'll join us. Just enter your email below. We cannot wait to share this with you!

- Scott Dinsmore

Founder of Live Your Legend, Creator of How to Connect with Anyone & Live Off Your Passion

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