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Connect With Anyone Member Success Stories

From People Just Like You – Nearly 1,000 members from 35 countries...

Scott Dinsmore

Hey there!

Wow – like I said above, so much has happened since we first launched How to Connect with Anyone in 2012. We’ve learned and improved all kinds of things, but the biggest difference is what our community has become — we’ve had nearly 1,000 members join us and complete the course from over 30 countries. They come from just about every age, background, culture and industry you could imagine. We’ve gotten to see what they’ve done with it, and the results have been overwhelming. And the best part is you don’t have to take my word for it – dozens of them have filmed their own videos, which we’ve put throughout this page. Please spend some time with them and get to know the family you’re considering joining.

The CWA Experience started out as a tool to teach you how to connect with the inspiring world-changing people who refuse to let you fail - so you could build your ideal business or career. It’s now transformed into a full-blown community of those very world-changers. It’s been unbelievable to watch. I hope the below videos give you a feel for what I mean – and why I call our CWA community a family. There’s no question, the members make the CWA Experience what it is.

Thanks for being here and I hope to see you on the inside,

Scott Dinsmore

Scott Dinsmore
Founder of Live Your Legend
Creator of Connect With Anyone

Meet the Connect with Anyone and LYL Community –
hosting meetups in 140+ cities in 45+ countries

Sometime in 2013 a few CWA alumni decided to host their own in-person meetup. That eventually led to the birth LYL Local – monthly meetup groups all over the world, hosted mainly by our CWA members. Check out this global launch and dance party…

A Show of Gratitude from Over 30 Members

Earlier this year, one of our alumni surprised me by organizing over 30 members to film videos about their experience and showing gratitude for what our team created with CWA. Another member, who launched a video business after taking CWA, edited the videos together. Their full video was over 30 minutes and brought me to tears. They asked I keep it private but did give me permission to share the 3-minute version…

The Value of Connection Coaching for our Members

Last year, after so many asked for it, we hired certified Connection Coaches for our members who wanted more hands-on support. The coaches, Naz and Leah, also happen to be some of our founding CWA members. Without even asking, the coaching clients filmed and edited a video explaining the power of coaching for prospective members…

And now for the experiences and success stories,
straight from the mouths of our members…

These were all filmed by our members – and for many of them it was their first time filming a video (which takes serious courage). Others will look more professional, as they were shot by CWA members who film videos for a living. I wanted to publish them the way we received them, so many are rough and raw on purpose. When it comes to genuinely connecting, the more raw, real and personal the better…

Naz M. and Leah H.
Sydney/Brisbane, Australia

Naz and Leah met in their mastermind, launched a successful business together, became the CWA Certified Connection Coaches and have new lifelong friends all over the world. “From being empty to doing things I love.”

Ryan F.
San Diego, California

Ryan moved to his dream city of San Diego, met his business coach, launched his own full-time video business and used his CWA skills to get free tickets to a 4-day Tony Robbins Seminar.

Basil C.
Toronto, Canada

Baz made like-minded friends in his brand new city and got a video editing job working with another CWA alumnus! He also filmed and edited some of these more professional-looking CWA stories while attending his first World Domination Summit, thanks to getting a free ticket from another CWAer.

Monet D.
San Diego, California

Monet figured out how to charge people, got a paying gig doing what she loves and helped a client get on The Voice — thanks to the support of her mastermind and coaches, and all within the first month of joining CWA.

Carolyn M.
Nashville, Tennessee

Carolyn, an up-and-coming country singer/songwriter, used the tools to better connect with fans, improve her communication with booking agents to immediately start getting more shows, and got to open for Smash Mouth in California!

Matias S.
Salta, Argentina

Matias was feeling really lonely… then had the craziest 10 months of his life. He quit his job and started a business saying, “We’ve already finished our first course with real clients that paid money for doing work we love! …Everything connected to the CWA course.” And he was invited to talk at a TEDx event – something that seemed impossible before.

Steve A.
San Antonio, Texas

Steve completed CWA group coaching, overcame his introversion, built his writing and editing business and launched and hosted his own LYL Local group in San Antonio.

Azmat L.
New York, New York

Azmat got 150 new subscribers to his site in a day, started connecting in person and used the 3-Second Rule to befriend and start working with an admired entrepreneur. His mastermind is now filled with real friends.

Troy Y.
Toronto, Canada

Troy learned the power of adding unique value and leveraged it to build real relationships with dream connections, which got him a $1,000 training program for free and put him on the homepage of a leading business and lifestyle brand. He now also does some incredible video work for the LYL and CWA community. Oh, and he hired fellow CWAer Baz, who you heard from above!

Mike G.
Boston, Massachusetts

Mike began CWA with no idea where to start with his vision. “I’ve grown my community, connected with people I couldn’t imagine and I reached my goal of making my first dollar online — 10 months ahead of schedule! Probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

Sasha G.
Berkeley, California

Sasha went from lost student to getting the knowledge and support needed to become a Kindle publisher. She started making money from her skills, secured mentorship with a software entrepreneur and got accepted to a top tier entrepreneurship camp.

Harry L.
Niceville, Florida

Harry made some incredible friendships and connected with people all over the world who he never thought he could meet.

Stephanie A.
Dundee, Scotland

Stephanie was isolated in a small Scottish town and has now started her own community, had her poetry published and secured a gig with an established author.

Charlie S.
United Kingdom

Charlie started out shy and introverted and became much more confident in social situations. Now she initiates conversations she never would have, launched a new career path in psychology and created her own LYL Local group in the U.K.

Lara N.
Ontario, Canada

Lara launched her first website and business venture and “met the most amazing group of women I could ever hope to meet in my mastermind… the big family of like-minded people is what set the course apart.”

Shannon D.
New South Wales, Australia

Shan launched a website, connected with potential business partners and made real-life, in-person connections and friends from all over Australia.

Kerri L.
New York, New York

“My life has absolutely transformed since the moment I joined. So many genuine connections!”

Kevin W.
San Luis Obispo, California

“I have a new peer group to push my boundaries, and I built my own real-life group of superheroes in a matter of weeks!”

Leah H.
Brisbane, Australia

Leah, after finishing CWA1 and long before joining us on the CWA team... "Launched a passion business with my mastermind group & befriended wellness industry leaders!"

Nazrin M., Melanie B.
Sydney, Australia

And Naz and Melanie also had big results of their own as founding CWA1 members, long before joining the CWA team, including unsolicited promotions, CEOs reaching out, turning introversion into a strength and traveling across the world with their mastermind turned best friends turned business partners.

Andrew K.
Beirut, Lebanon

“I went from starting my company to meeting developers and submitting a 500k Euro proposal! This isn't just an online course, it's a community that encourages you and supports you to see change and take real steps each week. The class is the greatest investment I've made. It pays for itself every day in the way it changes habits and opens up doors years down the road.”

Shante S.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Shante connected in-person and online and has a number of new business ventures to launch as a result. She’s now found her superpower of being able to engage anywhere, anytime.

David M.
Bloomington, Indiana

David’s “biggest surprise was how amazing the content was.” He found huge accountability through the mastermind and forums and became a monthly LYL Local host in Bloomington, Indiana.

Irina B.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Irina met new friends and found “a beautiful combination of education, community and actionable to-do’s.”

Joel Z.
Edina, Minnesota

Joel, a big-time extrovert, joined to learn how to make real connections faster and meet the kind of friends he could lean on, and has now become “the connector” for the people in his community.

Dean P.
United Kingdom

“Got published on major websites & now have a new support network around the world!”

Ben F.
Charleston, South Carolina

“Deep connections with mentors, new workout team & inspiring in-person new ideas through my mastermind group.”

Stacey T.
St. Louis, Missouri

Stacey went from being a school teacher to connecting with her mastermind, meeting a designer and launching a business to help struggling girls.

Thanks for taking some time to hear our stories -

Hopefully you saw a little bit of yourself in one or two of these CWAers and perhaps got a glimpse of your own potential. I’d say this final note below from Stacey about sums it up. I’m so grateful for what this community has become, and it’s thanks to all of you. I hope to see you on the inside. We’d love to welcome you with open arms and help make the impossible your new normal...

Stacey Brown

Hi Scott,

I have just gotten off the Web after completing an accountability call with my small group that is run by Naz, and I had to send you both an email straight away because of how overwhelmingly grateful, blessed, and joy-filled I feel to have found Live Your Legend and to have participated in CWA earlier this year.

You guys have fundamentally changed my life - and I could never thank you enough for what LYL has brought out in me and for the people CWA has connected me with.

Since attending the first LYL Local meetup in Sydney and meeting Leah, Naz & Mel  - and all the wonderful people who made it there - I haven't looked back in terms of being inspired to work on living my own legend also. The friendships that I have formed with Mick, who was in my CWA Group, and with Naz have me feeling blessed on a daily basis.

I get so much out of the connections I have made through you both that I have arranged another Sydney LYL Local meetup on the 5th of October so that I can do what I can to give back to other people, and so that I can hopefully give back to you.

Everything that I am doing I credit back to you and Live Your Legend, and I will forever remember the moment when I began thinking of what I wanted to contribute to the world and how you both enabled me to make it happen.

Yours forever in Legend Building,

Stacey Brown – Sydney, Australia

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