How to Connect with Anyone

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Creating Unique Value, Turning Enemies into Friends & How to Help Anyone
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This is one of over 20 HD videos we filmed for the course. I hope this will give you an idea of how much of my heart and soul I've poured into this project and what's to come when we open the course tomorrow!

This is the most ambitious, inspiring and exciting project w have ever worked on. And we deeply believe it will help people in a big way. We cannot wait to show it to you!

Below the video are your top 13 questions and answers about the course, plus all the launch details for Tuesday's official launch on February 26th at 7am PST, including all the fun launch party prizes.

Remember, there will only be 100 spots available, so if you want to surround yourself with the people who refuse to let you fail, be sure to show up bright and early!

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Important How to Connect with Anyone Launch Details:

  • The course launches on Tuesday, February 26th at 7am PST – that's really soon!
  • There will be 100 spots available and they will likely go fast - the course is being sent out to well over 350,000 people via various blog posts around the web. But I want to be sure you get first dibs if you want it, so be sure to show up right at 7am!
  • The launch will close on Friday, March 1st at midnight PST, or as soon as the 100 spots are filled – whatever happens first
  • After the launch closes, there will not be another chance to join the course until the end of 2013. And the price will likely never be as low as it will be during this week's launch (more on pricing below).
  • To celebrate the reopening of the biggest project we've ever worked on, we are throwing a serious launch party, with all kinds of fun (and big-time) prizes...

Launch Party Details, Prizes and Contest:

In the last few months this course has helped hundreds of people in a very game-changing kind of way, and I want you guys to be a part of it! So I wanted to make it fun for you to join us first thing Tues morning so that the 100 spots don't fill up before you get a chance to grab one. I also think giving a receiving gifts is a ton of fun :). So here's the party we're throwing...

  • The first 20 buyers get a paper copy of How to Win Friends & Influence People
  • 1 of the first 50 buyers wins Apple's new iPad Mini ($249)
  • 1 of the first 40 buyers wins Amazon's Kindle Fire HD ($199)
  • 2 of the first 20 buyers win a Kindle Classic
  • All 100 of you who join, get a lot of love from me and our hundreds of course members!

I've been looking forward to this day for months and I'm serious about turning this week into a full-on party. I hope a few fun toys will add to the action!

Also, the below should help clear up some of your questions...

Your Top 13 Connect with Anyone Questions Answered:

Q: What exactly is How to Connect With Anyone? Is it a book, a course, a workbook, a guide?

To be honest, it's none of the above and all of them at the same time :). Plus a lot more. With all the material in this course and our team of industry experts, I am confident that at the end of our time together you will accomplish both of these.

How to Connect With Anyone is more than just an online course. It will be its own website where we all login to complete each module and activity together. It’s a comprehensive and interactive community with step-by-step tools, scripts and videos, with live interaction and webinars, to teach you a proven framework to accomplish two major goals:

1. Allow you to meet and befriend industry leaders and influencers

And even more importantly…

2. Allow you to form a tight and trusted community of peers, mentors and supporters that make all the difference in business and in life.

With all the material in this course and our team of industry experts, I am confident that at the end of our 30 days you will accomplish both of these.

Btw, this is NOT a course on "networking".

I want to be very clear here. This is not a guide on how to "work a room" and collect business cards. Screw that. Most of the action happens in the real world, making genuine and lifelong connections and friendships, not in some stuffy conference room. That's also probably why I can't stand the word "networking." It completely dehumanizes things. In fact I’d call this “anti-networking.” That feels a little better!

Q: That's a big claim. Does the course come with any guarantees?

Of course it does! I want to put the risk 110% on my shoulders -- and off of yours.

How to Connect with Anyone is about results and I fully stand behind that. I’m here to help you advance your career, build your business and make changes to your life.

If you commit to going through and completing all the course material and exercises, and within 60 days you have not made at least one new connection with someone you’ve always wanted to meet AND you do not have at least the start of a new tight and trusted group of peers and supporters in your corner, I will refund your full purchase price. I’ll even cover the credit card processing fee and jump on the phone to see how I can help. All I ask is that you show me you’ve done all the coursework and exercises.

I call it the Make World-Changing Connections Guarantee

On top of that, there is a 60-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. Even though this is a three month course, we're giving you more than half the time to test out your investment.

You deserve to try this stuff without taking the risk.

Q: With all this talk about results, can you show me some actual real-life experiences from students?

So glad you asked. Hearing our recent student success stories has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my past year. No joke.

On of our students from Israel recently landed his dream client working with TED Global in Edinburgh, Scotland, as a result of the mastermind we placed him in during the course.

And on top of that, a bunch of our students even filmed their own success story videos from around the world. Some of these literally brought me to tears. Each is about 1-2 minutes long. Just click play below!

This is just the beginning. We have a ton more videos and stories we'll share during the launch. We've also include a few more videos at the bottom of this page!

Q: What's this talk about Mastermind Groups? I heard that mentioned a lot in the success story videos. Are you going to place me in my own Mastermind Group?

YES! The answer is ABSOLUTELY YES! Pardon the enthusiasm, but the mastermind groups have become one of the most powerful and biggest parts of the whole course.

A mastermind is a small group of 3-5 or so people who share similar passions, interests and goals, whom come together on a routine basis to help each other be as successful as possible. Nearly every one of the most successful people in history have been a part of masterminds: Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Carnegie, the list goes on… I am in three separate ones myself.

This group has the potential to absolutely change your world.

We take this very seriously, which is why we have a dedicated Mastermind Maven, Liz Seda, who will be interviewing every course member and then will place each of you in teams of 3-6 people based on your goals for the course, what you want from a mastermind group, who you are as an individual and geographic location.

This is actually the very first step of the course. So no matter what, you will leave this course with a team of passionate people who support your big and crazy ideas. And you'll have that nearly from day one!

The masterminds alone have made the course worth it many times over for our members.

I have a feeling Liz and her mastermind magic will blow your mind.

Q: I'm currently taking your Live Off Your Passion course (or just recently completed it), and I'm still nailing down my passion, does it still make sense for me to join Connect With Anyone?

We've gotten this one a ton, and the short answer is yes! Connect With Anyone was designed to go hand-in-hand with Live Off Your Passion. And being a part of CWA will help you develop your life's work in a big way.

I fully believe that there is no more powerful and efficient way to find and do work you love than to start hanging around the people who inspire you and who are living the lives and have the businesses and careers you dream of. That is exactly why we created Connect With Anyone. And the course is full of folks who will blow your mind with inspiration -those people define our community (just watch some of the success stories above and below!) .

So as it turns out, if you just bought Live Off Your Passion or just completed it, the timing really could not be better. Our community will help a lot.

Also, if you're considering buying LOYP right now and are not sure which to do first, I suggest Connect With Anyone. It's only available for a few days, plus a copy of Live Off Your Passion 'Lite' is included as a free bonus. The best of both worlds!

Q: So what's the course format and timeline? Is it totally self-paced or will we go through the material together?

A little bit of both. The course is all online and virtual but we will be doing as much of it together as possible.

This is an interactive course meaning we will all start on the same day (Monday, March 4th) and it will last for 12 weeks. But you'll still have lifetime access to all the course content after that date.

We structured it this way because the material is a ton more effective when done as a group, where we all get to interact and share our experiences.

There are a total of 12 modules (each with their own set of lessons) and we'll be going through one module each week. There will be a series of live webinars as well and a chance to ask questions and get feedback too. You will see a full list of the course contents next week. To make sure we stay on the same pace, you will get an email at the beginning of each week linking to the relevant module.

**Note: Since you will be purchasing this prior to March 4th - this means you get a little head start! As soon as you purchase your seat, you will be given full access and we hope you'll get started on the introductory content and first module as well as check out the special interview with Chris Guillebeau on Building World-Class Connections As an Introvert.

All of the bonuses, including How to Email Important People, will also be immediately available to you. The sooner you can get through those, the better! Oh and you'll also get early access to the community forum so you can start connecting right from the start.

We have a lot of great content to get through and I think this will be the most effective way to complete it!

And don't worry if you aren't available right on March 4th either. That's just the date that week 1 content becomes available. You are welcome to complete the material any time throughout the week or any time after that – it’s still totally self-paced so don’t worry about if you aren’t around on certain days. I believe this format will be dramatically more effective than completing things totally on your own.

Q: How much time will it take each week?

It should take you about 3-4 hours to complete each module, plus the actions and activities that you'll incorporate into your day to day life. Given that the average person spends 4 hours a day in front of the TV, you should have plenty of time ;).

Q: Who’s this thing for? Who makes a good fit for How to Connect with Anyone? Who can benefit most from what you've built?

The course is for anyone who wants to create a rock star community of supporters, mentors and influences, and who wants help doing it. I know that's broad so here's some more specifics.

How to Connect with Anyone is for you if you…

  • Know how important your environment and relationships are, but aren’t sure how to build the ones you need
  • Are a shy introvert who is terrified to approach new people
  • Feel geographically isolated (yes, you can build genuine in-person relationships with passionate people even if you don't live in Portland, San Francisco or New York)
  • Truly want to build real relationships and friendships with inspiring people in your hometown and online
  • Are not sure how to stand out, get the attention and earn the respect of the influencers in their industry
  • Are willing to follow a proven process for connection that makes this stuff actually Fun!

Q: Who is this NOT for?

Glad you asked because the course is not for everyone. Specifically, How to Connect with Anyone is NOT for you if you…

  • Want to manipulate others in your race to the top
  • Don’t care about helping people and creating genuine connections
  • Are a business-card-passing networking junkie
  • Looking for a quick fix without having to get out there, do the work and make peoples’ lives better

It is about making real and genuine life-long connections, relationships and friendships, not to take advantage of people.

I’m sure that’s not you, but I want to be sure I’m clear.

Q: I'm a serious introvert. Are you sure this can help me?

Absolutely! This is the single biggest question we received from readers as we built the course and we’ve made it a core component of the curriculum. We have a full module dedicated to introversion and even have 5 world-class business leaders, who are introverts, as part of our expert community to share how they've turned introversion into a strength. We have you covered on this, don't worry.

Q: Will there be an online community available for making connections?

Hell yes! In fact it's already buzzing with activity and some pretty amazing success stories! This is a huge component of the course and I think it will give you all a much better chance of getting results.

We have created a private community forum to serve as a place where you can go to help each other, get help, make connections, get introductions, create accountability and mastermind groups and have real-time interaction with me and some of our experts as we go through the material. If you ever have a question or experience you want to share, head over to the forums.

This is our tool to allow us to start connecting from day one. So no matter what you get out of this course, you will at least be connected to all of us passionate folks inside - and that's a huge start!

But this community is only as powerful as you all decide to make it. I can't wait to see how you use it and hear more of your story in the forums. This adds so much to what's possible, I love it!

Q: You said something about a Team of Experts. Are you the only one building this course or are there others involved?

I don't think there's anything I do on my own. And a course on getting the right people in your corner is certainly no exception ;). I am doing the great majority of the work (along with my amazing designer Glen) but we have a rockstar team of experts to help out too. In fact we have over a dozen best-selling authors and world-class entrepreneurs and connectors who will be chiming in on all kinds of topics.

A few of them include Derek Sivers (founder of multi-million-dollar CD Baby), Keith Ferrazzi (best-selling author of Never Eat Alone and Who's Got Your Back), Chris Guillebeau (creator of World Domination Summit and bestseller The $100 Startups), Jonathan Fields (bestselling author of Uncertainty), Simon Sinek (bestselling author of Start With Why), Leo Babauta (Creator of ZenHabits) and Brian Johnson (CEO of en*theos).

These guys add so much to the curriculum, case studies and activities, it's crazy!

Q: You mentioned bonuses, what’s that about?

With any product I create my goal is always to provide at least 10x the value. And we've definitely done it here. There are too many to list right now but a few include James Clear's How to Email Important People course (retails for $99), How to Use Social Media and Twitter to Meet Influencers (retails for $97), Sales & Negotiating 101 ($97) and the Story Networking Guide. And that's just the start. I'm even throwing in part of another flagship product of mine too.

And while I could have included a ton of other irrelevant products and downloads, I was very intentional to only include bonuses that were directly relevant to our goals for the course - making the connections that matter. No fluff.

Plus all the launch party prizes I'll tell you about next week (including an iPad Mini!).

Q: What do I get for buying as part of the official launch group?

First off you're getting a deal! After the launch closes, the price will never be this low again. In fact, it may go up by as much as double when we open it up again at the end of the year.

You also get first dibs on a spot. Remember we are only offering the course to the first 100 people who register, so that we can ensure every participant gets the maximum value. The course is going out to our LYL community of over 31,000 and also out to another over 350,000 people via articles on various sites around the Internet.

So if this course is for you, you'll want to grab your spot as soon as soon as the official launch window opens up. That's Tuesday, February 26th at 7am PST – really soon! Be sure to show up bright and early!

Oh and you'll also get lifetime access and updates for life.

Once you join our family, your in for life :).

Why not have some fun with this, right?!

Q: Ok this is a ton of stuff you're providing, but does that mean it's going to be some crazy expensive $2,000 or $800 product?

This is by far the most advanced and comprehensive product I've created and it involves a lot more of my personal time to keep up with the community, forums, live webinars and all else. But it's not going to break the bank and will not cost you even close to $2,000 or even $800.

It will be less than the cost of a weekend seminar or even a nice overnight getaway with your husband, wife or hot date. For me the most important thing is to provide massive over-delivered value. I'm pretty confident we're doing that in a big way, but I'll let you be the judge.

I want to make the course accessible to everyone who needs and wants it. I believe we've definitely done that.

I can't wait to share it with you.

Remember, all this is going down just a few days.

See. You. At. The. Party!

If you're still reading, check out a few more success story videos below. Damn, I love this job!